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The Adventures Of Pugsy The Pug

note; this story was made because of my love of pugs

The Adventures Of Pugsy The Pug

Once upon a time there lived a pug. The pug lived with a family...the barker family.The barker family loved puppy's especially pugs. In fact, they love pug's so much they have five of them.The first pug's name was fluffy. The second pug's name was sneaky (this is because he always nip's a sausage from miss barkers plate when she is not looking) The third pug's name was daisy. fourth pug was max. and last but not least pugsy. pugsy was not like all other pug's . he was a free spirit pug. all other pugs do not like pugsy. pugsy  does not like to follow ordinary pugs whenever sneaky nips a sausage when miss barker is not looking pugsy says ''should you be taking that'' when daisy sniffs a flower pugsy says ''you'll get hay fever'' when max begs pugsy says ''wait for lunch'' but fluffy was pugsy's best friend they would walk around the park and play tag but one day they went too far ''were lost call our owners'' said fluffy ''ok ruff ruff'' said pugsy ''no use a phone'' said fluffy ''whats a phone'' said pugsy fluffy facepalmed or muzzle pawed ''what now'' said pugsy ''survive'' said fluffy ''how'' said pugsy ''easy'' said fluffy ''build a shelter'' ''out of what'' said pugsy ''lets live in this cardboard box'' said fluffy but before they could get there the animal control came and took them away ''oh no'' said fluffy ''its ok we're safe'' said pugsy as they took the two pugs. When they got to the animal control centre they looked for a microchip. They scanned it and got the two pugs safely home ''what a relief'' said the two pugs 

the end

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