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W.A.L.T Change The Order Of The Factors To Make Multiplication Problems Easier E.G 26X3 = 3X26

(3X20) (3X6) 60+18=78 3X6=78. 4X52 (4X5) (4X2) 200+8=208. 3X29 (3X20)+(3X9) 60+27=87
3X33 (3X30)+(3X3) 3X33= 99

Reading Task: Beach Watch

The main caracter was Sarsha and Paul.
The subject was about staying safe on the beach.
3 Facts on the text was, A rip is a body of water flowing strongly out to sea, A hole is a deep part of the
sea where the sand has been scoured out by a rip current,CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary.
3 paragraphs where, Sarsha watches practice for people who want to be a lifeguard,Sarsha learns to be safe in the sea,Sarsha likes to look for signs on the beach.

Pugsy The Pug Halloween Special

its not halloween but whatever 

"its halloween'' said pugsy "then get your costume on" said fluffy. when pugsy got in his costume fluffy did to "what are you dressed in" said pugsy "leather muzzle" said fluffy "oh you got the frying pan and everything. "im dressed as pugson from friday the 12th" said pugsy "lets go trick'or'treating" said fluffy "trick'or'treat" said the two "eww a chocolate bar" said pugsy (yes i do know chocolate is poisonous to cats and dogs so dont feed it to them)  "quick throw it away" said fluffy "sorry i will give you a doggy treat" said the person "thank you" said the the end of the day their baskets were full. they could not eat a full basket "the new pug will be here tomorrow" said fluffy. and that was their Halloween.

pugs and why i think they are cute

i like pugs. they are always the dog i pick to play as when my sister wants to play cats and dogs
i think they are cute because they... they...their small. small dogs are my favorite (not to small though) the black mask covering their face is what makes them cuties. i'm also the guy who likes sitting on the couch and just rubbing a dog, it comforts me. when i see one i cant help but adore pugs (thats why the adventures of pugsy the pug exists) i love pugs and whenever i fall and cut myself (on accident) i am so happy why... you guessed it mum has pug stickers (but i dont go hurting myself just for it)one has a pug in the middle and says "pug off" another has a red background with three pugs third plaster is just black with loads of pugs on it. Pugs are my favourite breed in the whole wide world

And mum... If you see this... PUG OFF!