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pugs and why i think they are cute

i like pugs. they are always the dog i pick to play as when my sister wants to play cats and dogs
i think they are cute because they... they...their small. small dogs are my favorite (not to small though) the black mask covering their face is what makes them cuties. i'm also the guy who likes sitting on the couch and just rubbing a dog, it comforts me. when i see one i cant help but adore pugs (thats why the adventures of pugsy the pug exists) i love pugs and whenever i fall and cut myself (on accident) i am so happy why... you guessed it mum has pug stickers (but i dont go hurting myself just for it)one has a pug in the middle and says "pug off" another has a red background with three pugs third plaster is just black with loads of pugs on it. Pugs are my favourite breed in the whole wide world

And mum... If you see this... PUG OFF!

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