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Room 1 Super Heroes

Today we dressed up as super heroes.

P.E. Ball skills

I am learning to use my co-ordination to bounce the ball whilst running along in a game of basketball.

I think basketball is better exercise than netball.

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Discovery Term 4

I am learning to use language, symbols and text by talking about how to make a banger.

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Buddy Reading

I.A.L.T develop my reading fluency.

Daniel says...
I am proud I read well with my buddy.


I.A.L about fractions.

I will know this when I can:
* draw different shapes and divide them into equal fractions. 

Adjectives describing me!

I.A.L.T use adjectives in my writing to make it more interesting.

I am learning to do procedural writing

Today I wrote this procedure for washing hands.

Success criteria:
Have a title which explains what the procedure is about.
Have a list of equipment.
Have a list of instructions.

How to wash your hands By Daniel Doyle
You need…
A warm tap
Towel/paper towel/dryer
1.Spray some soap on your hands
2.Rub your hands together until soap is hardly visible
3.Wash your hands with water

4.Dry with a towel/paper towel/dryer


WALT: develop different strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems.

Success Criteria: We will know we can do this if we can:

* solve addition problems using place value knowledge to add tens then the ones.
* solve subtraction problems using place value knowledge to subtract tens then the ones.

Daniel's Volcano

Discovery 2014

At Discovery time I have been learning to relate to others.

Success criteria:
Share with others.
Take turns.
Use my manners.
Listen when others are speaking.
Let others join in.
Play fair.

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This is me taking orders at the Bear cafe. I did this for the whole of discovery time.


In Discovery we have been learning to manage ourselves.

I know that I can do this because I was able to make this icicle.
I remembered to follow the instructions and took my time to stick it together carefully. 

My Next step is: to plan and create something different and to stick at it even when it gets difficult.

C.A.R.E - Learning Co-operatively

W.A.L.T learn to work co-operatively.

We will know we can do this when we can:
*  take turns at the activity
* let other people have a go first
* share our ideas
* focus on completing the task
* work together to complete the task
*  listen to each others ideas.

Student comment:
I was good at sharing my ideas with the group.  I was helping everyone in the group and showing them what was wrong and right.
When we were finished I went and helped other groups, starting with the hardest.

Adventure Writing

WALT write an adventure narrative

We will know we can do this when we can:
Include a beginning, middle and end.

Describe the characters and settings.

*  Use past tense.
Use nouns, adjectives, and action verbs.

* Use capital letters, full stops and speech marks correctly.

Student Comment:

I liked my title .. 'Going to the Moon'.Next Step:
Next Step:
To add extra details to my writing to make it more interesting.

Fun with Probability

We are learning about probability.

We will know we can do this when we can:
* compare and order events;
*  find all of the possibilities of some events using equipment;
* know that the more times you perform an event the closer you get to the predicted probability.

Next Step:
To apply our knowledge of probability to everyday situations.

Penguin Artwork

WALT: use different painting techniques to paint a picture of a Penguin.


We will know we can do this when:

·    we can mix colours;

·    use different colours to emphasise specific features/details;

·    use different brush stroke techniques to create different effects;

·    we can paint a background.

To use several techniques independently and explain why they are appropriate to my artwork.