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Arion Farms

at the near end of term 3 me and room 8 went to arion farms. first we waited for the roll to be called. then we went to see ducks and chickens.we learned about the ears and that the colour of the eggs depend on the colour of their ears. next we went to see the sheep and goats. the owners of arion farms had a new lamb that the class got to hold. the goats were cool too. after that we saw the rabbits and guinea pigs. i got to hold a baby rabbit, pat a hair and hold a tiny guinea pig. next we saw the rats and mice. i didn't like mice so i didn't want to hold one (so did my mum but the difference was i wasn't petrified about the tails...) finally we went to see the pigs and piglets, it was crawling with hay (that i'm allergic to) so i had this heartburn feeling and i was running short of breath but i still could breathe and i wasn't in life's danger so i didn't panic. lastly we hopped onto the bus to go back to school.

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