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Pirate Pug (fictional)

It was a great day at the park...until a colossal pug started chasing me! i shouted ''help its cute but angry'' then a mad scientist came and used his shrink ray. So the pug became mine.A few hours later me and my pug built a boat.My pug helped by stocking food (human food and dog food). I did the rest. It looked a little dull in colour so i painted it. but it Still it wasn't right. Aha! its missing armor. so we went to buy the most light metal we could find. Lead would do (if that's light i think it is light enough to float if it isn't then say something else) finally it was finished. Ready to set sail. We tried to push it in the water but it was too heavy to push. We had to use a trailor when we got it into the water we set sail. But we where still missing something! A pirate hat. So me and my pug went to buy fabric. We then cut it into a hat shape. we where in the sea already. Oh no we forgot eye patches! Luckily we had spare fabric at the bow. That's when i decided to name him "pirate pug" we happily sailed "wow i never knew a pirate pug looked so good. Uh oh a shark! It tries to bite but its teeth shatters as it tries. The shatter made everything pitch black. I find myself in bed "it was just a dream" i frowned to myself. "wait" i said "why is a pug with an eyepatch and a pirate hat sleeping with me!?" it wasn't a dream at all!

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